Building & Construction (Infrastructure)

Construction Law deals with matters relating to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings (residential, commercial, industrial), pieces of infrastructure (rail, roads, hospitals, schools), and other structural assets. It can involve front-end work (for example the preparation of contracts) and back-end work (dispute resolution and litigation).

Contractors, government, sponsors, and stakeholders in the building and construction industry require expert advice to understand and navigate the codes, regulations, legislative requirements, and budgetary measures in order to achieve the best outcome for major projects.

We can advise over the lifespan of a project and successfully work with the key stakeholders including owners, developers, government, sponsors, financiers, contractors, and other service providers. It is important to receive proper legal advice to avoid any misunderstanding in relation to the scope of works and obligations of the parties set out in the contract, which can in turn impact the timing of the project and the associated costs.

Construction Law can also involve disputes over personal injuries, product failures, and delay costs. It is important for any building and construction work to carefully allocate risk, and ensure that all exchanges are well documented from the outset to avoid any potential litigation that may arise.

We can advise on a full range of Construction Law issues, both front-end and back-end including:

  • Contract development and documentation including risk assessment, preparation, project administration, and regulatory advice
  • Development approval including acquisition of development properties and land, and tendering preparation advice
  • Negotiations with councils and regulatory authorities
  • Construction specific legal advice including claims detection and early resolution, preparation of claims and responses, industrial relations, and industrial property rights
  • Dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation, litigation, debt recovery, and security of payment claims
  • Building Code of Australia advice, and dispute resolution within NSW Fair Trading and NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunals, and NSW Local, District and Supreme Courts