Insurance Law refers to the legal principles that govern insurance agencies, policies, and claims. Insurers operate in an industry that is subject to complex regulations and prudential standards and comprises several sub-sectors including health and medical insurance, motor vehicle insurance, life insurance, and statutory insurance. Increasingly businesses are looking to allocate their risk by insuring themselves and obtaining indemnity in the event of a loss.

It is crucial to receive proper legal advice before entering into a policy with an insurer or making a claim to recover or indemnify against a loss. Insurers also require advice when a claim is made against them with regards to the policy, the type of event, and the actions of the claimant. We act for insurers, brokers, underwriting agencies, and corporate and government insurers, as well as claimants.

We can advise on all aspects of insurance law matters including:

  • Advising companies about liability insurance and indemnities
  • Negotiating insurance disputes
  • Policy drafting, regulatory consultation submissions and breach reporting
  • Compensation and insurance claims, death benefits insurance claims, and income protection and superannuation claims
  • Catastrophic claims involving serious injuries and intricate liability issues
  • Professional indemnity claims against doctors, lawyers, bankers and other financial experts