Planning & Environment

Environmental Law covers a wide system of treaties, regulations, statutes, and conventions designed to manage the impact of industry on the environment. Planning Law takes into account a number of areas including strategic and statutory town planning, development formulation and assessment, land access, environment, heritage, compulsory land acquisition and compensation.

Both Planning and Environment are complex areas of law that are often intertwined and require the right legal advice to navigate. It is important to receive the right legal advice before any design or development takes place as the penalties can be significant for any breaches, including large fines and criminal prosecution.

We can assist construction companies, investors, utility companies, infrastructure providers, governments, and resource companies on a wide range of environmental, regulatory and planning issues including:

  • Drafting environmental planning agreements
  • Addressing assessment criteria procedures, including the preparation of applications and environmental assessments supporting those applications
  • Obtaining, defending and challenging consent orders, permits, licenses and other approvals
  • Navigating regulatory requirements and planning controls
  • Environmental compliance and due diligence, including risk assessment
  • Tribunal and court proceedings, including merit appeals, legal challenges and other dispute resolution methods
  • Advising on Heritage Act controls, Environment Protection Authority (EPA) works approvals and licenses for waste disposal