Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Legal disputes are common in business but are often costly in terms of resources and time. They can occur at an individual and an organisational level, in both public and private spheres. Corporate disputes frequently involve multiple parties such as competitors, suppliers, customers, employees and even business partners. Disputes can result in a range of remedies depending on the situation, including monetary payments, restraint or performance orders by the court, protection of rights and enforcement of court orders.

Litigation refers to the situation where a dispute is heard by a court or tribunal. There are however alternatives to litigation including commercial settlements, alternative dispute resolutions (e.g mediation, conciliation, expert determination, arbitration), and external dispute resolutions (e.g Ombudsman services). Regardless of the type of dispute, it is important to receive proper legal advice from high quality solicitors and barristers; individuals that are professional advocates, strategically minded, and work together as a team to achieve the desired outcome.

We can advise on a number of dispute resolution and litigation matters including:

  • Class actions, including security disclosures, investor disclosures, anti-competitive conduct and mass consumer claims in all Federal and State jurisdictions
  • Commercial litigation, including contractual disputes or misleading and deceptive conduct
  • Regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings
  • Corporate law disputes, including shareholder and partnership disputes, corporate crime and investigations
  • Royal Commissions and other Commissions of Inquiry constituted under an array of Commonwealth and State Acts
  • Commercial and industrial disputes, building and construction disputes, property law disputes, IP and IT disputes
  • Debt recovery, insolvency and bankruptcy, and professional indemnity matters