Taxation is in a constant state of flux for Australian and multinational businesses and it is important for individuals and companies to meet all aspects of regulatory compliance to avoid scrutiny from government and revenue authorities.

Tax law encompasses national tax, state duties, income tax, and a range of taxes associated with shares, dividends, and commercial transactions. It is important for clients to be aware of their obligations to comply with the tax laws because failure to meet obligations can result in criminal prosecution.

M&A Lawyers can help simplify the complex tax environment and provide assistance with tax compliance, disclosure of information, and tax governance. We have broad experience dealing with commercial authorities and can assist with any tax dispute or tax aspect of a commercial transaction.

We can advise on a number of critical tax issues including:

  • Tax structuring and restructuring including partnerships, trusts, joint ventures, and business exits
  • Income and capital gains tax
  • Goods and services tax
  • Stamp duty in all Australian states and territories
  • Foreign companies expanding into Australia, and overseas expansion
  • Reporting and compliance obligations, including to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)
  • Wealth and private client tax advice, including trusts and estates
  • Asset protection, investor agreements, business succession, and estate planning