About M&A Lawyers

M&A Lawyers, led by founding Legal Practitioner Director Damian Michael, is an experienced and progressive law firm that offers first-class legal advice to a large client base of major corporations, as well as public and private businesses and individuals. We advise on the corporate and commercial matters most important to our clients, bridging the gap between business issues and legal practice.

Our diverse team is dedicated to offer quality solutions and ongoing legal support to all complex issues, to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.

M&A Lawyers is committed to providing quality services to our clients by:

  • Meeting & exceeding our client’s expectations for service;
  • Communicating clearly and promptly with our clients;
  • Offering a supportive and collaborative network of employees; and
  • Maintaining confidentiality and fidelity in all our dealings with our clients.




To assert the values of integrity, truth and transparency in all our dealings with our clients and employees with an emphasis on respect, teamwork and support.


We place the needs of the client at the centre of M&A Lawyers’ operations. We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services at a reasonable price with the best possible outcome.


As a growing firm, we are determined to thinking creatively and pragmatically to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.


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